1. What is New Coins Ltd?
New Coins Ltd is involved in the development of advanced software for Bitcoin cloud mining, network technologies based on modern computer equipment and extensive knowledge in this area and profitable cryptocurrency trading/exchange.
2. How do you generate profit?
New Coins Ltd has already established itself on the positive side in professional circles, and now refers to a number of companies with high trust degree. The search for new cryptocurrency forks and introduction of new mining methods directly depend on close cooperation between professional programmers, hardware developers and financial managers (traders).
3. Are you registered and legal?
New Coins Ltd has passed the registration procedure as well as a complete check of financial activity to obtain the necessary work permit in the international investment market. You can be acquainted with the registration documents on our website or when visiting Companies House:
4. Where is your office located?
New Coins Ltd has registered office that located at 142 Ash Grove, London, United Kingdom.
5. Are there some risks for investors?
We make our best to your investments are safe.
6. Can I lose my money?
We guarantee your profits. Furthermore, your profit is accrued every day that reduces the degree of your risk.
7. How to become an investor of New Coins Ltd?
Click “Create your account” on home page and pass through a simple registration process - fill all the necessary fields.
8. How many accounts can I register and use?
You can register and use as many accounts as you need, just do not abuse the use of affiliate link during registration.
9. Can I register more accounts from my computer with same IP address?
Yes, you can do this for your friends or relatives.
10. I cannot log into account. Why?
First, check correctness of your login details – your username and password. If you have forgotten or lost your password, use “Forgot password” function: and enter email you used to register or your username and get a new password.
11. Can I change my email or my username?
No, you can’t change these details after you registered account.
12. What is your investment offer?
When becoming a part of our company you will get from 11% to 15% profit every calendar day regardless of the circumstances or the market situation - we are ready to compensate for any lack of profit from our own pocket, so that you were completely satisfied.
13. What is the minimum deposit?
You can invest any amount from 0.001btc to 300btc.
14. Where can I register Bitcoin wallet and buy bitcoins?
For novice users we recommend a visit to the official website of Bitcoin, where you will find lots of useful information about how and where to register your personal address, as well as where to buy Bitcoin:
15. Tell me what the process of deposit making is.
To make deposit, log into your account and go to the "Make deposit" section. Choose an investment plan and specify the amount of your deposit at least 0.001 Bitcoin. Mark "Spend funds from Bitcoin" and press "Spend". Send us exactly specified amount to address which generated by the system. Do this from your Bitcoin wallet.
16. How long does it take to add deposit?
Bitcoin payment may take some time. The Bitcoin network confirms all transactions. Each individual computer in the bitcoin network confirms the transaction, increasing the total confirmation count of the transaction. When the confirmation count of the transaction reaches a certain threshold, usually 3-6 confirmations, the transaction appears in the receiving wallets. Reaching first 3 confirmations usually takes 30-60 minutes.
17. I sent Bitcoins but my active deposit empty even after 6 confirmations?
Please contact our support service through feedback form in your account and provide us with following information: your username, deposit amount and transaction details (Bitcoin address where you sent deposit). You can do this via or through feedback form in “Support” section.
18. How can I withdraw and what is the minimum?
Your earnings accrued daily, every 24 hours. When profit is already reflected on your account balance you can withdraw it. To do this click "Withdraw funds" and make a request. The minimum is 0.0005 Bitcoin with no any additional fee. Payment will be instantly sent to your Bitcoin address specified in account settings.
19. Are you paying on weekends?
Yes, there is daily profit, including weekends and holidays.
20. Do you offer instant payments?
Yes, right, all withdrawal requests are processed instantly.
21. Can I get my principal deposit back?
No, you never will get it back. The company takes your money and pays daily profit on an ongoing basis.
22. Does your company offer affiliate program?
To earn more you can use tools for partners in two-tied affiliate program: unique referral link and animated banners. Your direct referrals will bring you an additional 5% of the size of their deposits, referrals of second tier bring 1% respectively.
23. What about representatives?
New Coins Ltd cooperates with the active participants of the project, which provide information and help new customers, talk about the features of the project and share their experience. Unlike ordinary participants, regional representatives shall receive 7% instead regular 5%.
24. How to become representative?
Anyone can get status of New Coins Ltd representative. To do this make a deposit and apply for representative status in your account.
25. How to order debit card of New Coins Ltd?
Ordering and delivery of debit cards are simple and straightforward: make a deposit of 10 Bitcoin or more and obtain VISA card for further conversion of profits into cryptocurrency. After verifying your identity, we will send the card by courier.